Art and crafts from Africa

Image Art and crafts from Africa

Arts and crafts have long been recorded as major parts of the African heritage. Egyptian rock paintings and artifacts, together with the sub-Saharan African arts have been marking the history of arts in Africa. Africans are renowned for their ability to create cultural artifacts, fetishes and idols.

In addition, they are keen on producing functional crafts such as mud huts, mud pottery, and sculptures. In order to explore the cultural and historical values of arts and crafts in Africa, here is a list of the renowned arts and crafts that travelers in Africa should see. Where can travelers go to explore arts and crafts in Africa?

What are the most important arts and crafts in Africa?

Here are a few of the most interesting must-see about African arts and crafts.

  • Woodcarvings and sculpture: The Sub-Saharan Africa is famous for its woodcarvings and sculptures of human faces, animals, birds, and figurines. Wooden figures are used for rituals and have important values for the African people. Many Sub-Saharan African countries are well-known venues for sculpture and woodcarvings, especially Niger, Nigeria, Congo, and Madagascar.
  •  Masks and folklore: Masks are important elements in African cultures. They are used for religious rituals. Masks are made of wood, and are worn by the traditional leaders and participants on their face during religious rituals and ancestral worship. Rituals and religious celebrations are usually accompanied by folklore and traditional dance. Folk singers and dancers are eye-catching with their colorful traditional clothes and masks. Most sub-Saharan African countries are major tourist venues for masks and culture, especially Niger, Congo, and Gabon.
  •  Rock arts and shells: Rock carving is another fascinating aspect of African arts and handicraft. Blombos Cave, an archeological site at the Cape in South Africa, is home to the oldest rock carving in the world. It is also a notable destination for its animal remains, eggshells, shellfish, bone and stone tools as well as rock arts.

How about textiles and jewelry?

African textiles and jewelry are awesome in the world because of their materials, designs and fascinating colors.

  • Textiles and Cloths: African textiles are unique in colors and fabric. They are made of pure cotton, thick cloths, and have vivid colors. In fact, the places to shop for textiles are Swahili, which encompasses Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Kenya. You can also shop for textiles in Malawi, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Madagascar, and Namibia.
  • Jewelry and accessories: These wonderful works of art are made of natural materials like zebu horns, turtle shells, ivory, seashells, and tree seeds. The East coast of Madagascar is famous for its jewelry made of seashells and seeds.
  •  Leather, raffia fiber, and rope: these fabrics are used in the manufacture of diverse products like bags, shopping baskets, wallets, carpets, clothing, hats, sandals, and other products. To discover the use of animal skins for clotehs, the best place to go is in the southern part of Africa.

Africa is a wonderful destination for its cultural diversity, since it is composed of many different countries in one continent. You can choose your destination according to your interests, whether it is in arts and crafts, in folk music and songs, or in clothing and textiles, and book your flight with Booking flight is not the only service eDreams can provide. They can also help you with your hotel reservation. Just go to the website and you will see it for yourself.