Malagasy furniture and handworks

Malagasy furniture
Image Malagasy furniture and handworks

Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world is situated in the East Coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. Malagasy people are well-known for their warm hospitality and kindness.

The country is super beautiful thanks to its many attractions that inspire a large number of annual visitors from all over the world. Furniture and handworks also have a very important place in Malagasy tourism. Pay attention to this article to better know about Malagasy furniture and handworks.

Malagasy furniture

Madagascar has different kinds of furniture styles that you can use to make your house or office a better place for living. Furniture objects are used both to complete house material and to decorate your house thanks to the beautiful looks that they have. Furniture can be made by Wood, stone, and other plant matters. 

  • Wooden furniture: Wooden furniture is very common in Madagascar and it presents a large variety of styles that customers can choose according to their likes. The furniture can also be customized depending on the special models that clients require. Most of the best objects are those which are made of high-density wood such as rosewood, katrafay, ohihy and mahogany. 
  • Stone furniture: Stone can serve as good furniture which complete the beauty of your living area. Stone furniture is used both as decorative objects and useful material in the house or other buildings. Stone can be transformed as chairs, benches, tables and other kinds or furniture that we can use indoor and outdoor. Basalt and granite are one of the commonest matters for stone furniture in Madagascar. 
  • Apart from wood, other plants can also serve as good matter for furniture. It is used in many high-class buildings like luxury restaurants and hotels of Madagascar. Plant objects make natural beauty to the place where you put them. The common matters may be bamboo, bushes and other herbaceous plants.

Malagasy handworks

If you want to bring good memories back from your travel in Madagascar, do not forget to take native handworks of Madagascar. Handworks are one of the best sources of Malagasy economy. Malagasy people are really talented in making handworks. These include clothing and accessories, furniture, decorative objects, toys and many other items. They are very interesting and inspire many tourists who come to discover this Big Island. 

  • Clothing and accessories: Silk shirts, straw hats, stone necklaces, herb purses are among the best products. 
  • Decorative objects like table clothes, saucer made from plants 
  • Car toys, toy tea set

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