Masai Jewels and sculpture

Masai jewels
Image Masai Jewels and sculpture

Masai land; inhabited by semi-nomadic African people; is composed of the Northern Kenya and Central Tanzania. Masai people have different lifestyles which makes them very special and unusual population of the world.

Whenever you see Masai in photos, you may notice their common style of wearing a variety of bead jewels around their neck, on their ears and hands. In addition, sculpture also takes a very important place in Masai traditions and culture. To learn more about that, take a look at the following content of this article.

Masai Jewels

Jewels are considered as a source of income of Masai in Kenya and Tanzania. That is reason why women are obligated to learn to make jewelry as a job. So all bead jewels which are worn by everyone are all made by women. Visitors from many outland countries all pay attention to Masai beadworks and get them as great memories for their visit in Kenya or Tanzania. Before, they were happy enough with the use of natural resources like clay, brass, copper, wood, and bone to make their own bead jewels. But in recent years, glass necklaces, bracelets and other jewelries have made and sold in many countries. Masai bead jewelries are not only for looking more beautiful but they also have big significance in culture for Masai people. 

  • A large flat beaded disc is often worn by single Masai girls. They also wear it while dancing. 
  • The beaded necklace used during the wedding day is really complicated and heavy. 
  • Married women wear long necklaces with blue beads. 
  • The bead jewels color presents different viewpoints and beliefs for Masai people. For example, red means blood, solidarity and bravery while white is used to present purity, health and peace.

Masai sculpture

Massai people are well-known for their amazing and inspiring sculpture. They are so talented in working on wood, clay, and various metals to make fascinating sculpture. Masai sculpture occupies a large place in international art trade. Most of them show the original culture, lifestyle and the history of this unusual region of Kenya and Tanzania.

These include their nomadic life, belief, their ways of dressing, hunting life, and wars. They are available in many arts and culture centers in Africa, as well in other continents. They are also available online for those who want to order their Masai sculpture on internet.

Traveling to Masai Land

As a very interesting and amazing place to visit, Masai region deserves many visitors. It is a good destination for those who want to discover new places and exciting adventure in the world.

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